Lets start with something you may not know; Hypnotherapy is recognised and even referred to by the NHS. It is not an ‘out there’ therapy any longer, but the waiting lists are very, very long and why wait? Hypnotherapy is affordable and available for you right now to take charge of your own changes, your own freedom to be you…

Take a look at all Hypnotherapy can offer you…


About My Therapies

My approach as a hypnotherapist around Huddersfield, involves a combination of hypnotherapy, counselling, R.E.B.T  (Rational Emotive Behavior therapy) and hypnosis. Most people understand what counselling involves and hypnotherapy is actually very similar in that it ‘speaks’ to your subconscious mind and essentially discusses origins and solutions to your issues. This can be achieved by making suggestions to your subconscious mind which then become applied in your every day life (or your conscious mind) . Bearing in mind that this is a very basic explanation for the purposes of not over-complicating this section. Hypnotherapy can also be extremely effective in breaking down barriers which can lead to crippling confidence issues and anxiety by creating positive changes and analysing and re-framing behaviours which govern how you live currently. We ‘talk’ to our inner mind almost every day without thinking about it. Hypnotherapy and counselling combine to make the dialogue work for you in a way that new patterns are created to bring you peace and resolution. I would never attempt in therapy to ‘convince’ you of something which you don’t require and much of hypnotherapy involves talking about what YOU wish to achieve, giving you complete control over your own goals. The hardest work for you is making that initial call to start your new freedom. But what a wonderful feeling knowing you have!


As a Hypnotherapist around Huddersfield, I can help in the following areas

– Weight Loss (EEFL) – 1 SESSION
– R.E.B.T (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy)
– Stop Smoking
– Anxiety
– Inner Child / Timeline
– Confidence / Self Esteem
– Partners of Porn Addicts

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Let’s Talk About Sessions

Hypnotherapy is sometimes not a one session solution for all different situations. For example, giving up smoking may require more than one session. However, my promise is that I will never prolong the number of sessions you need, as a fast result for you will hopefully result in you recommending me to others.
One session only solution focused therapies include weight loss EEFL and Confidence (this includes exam nerves, wedding nerves etc).


I want to make my prices as uncomplicated as possible and so:

Standard Sessions – £45 1hr
Weight Loss (EEFL) – £75 1hr
Gastric Band – £200 (5 x 1hr)

As a Hypnotherapist around Huddersfield, I offer discounts for students and NHS staff with valid identification. The price is £35 for a Standard Session and £60 for the Weight Loss (EEFL).

Please be aware that some therapies will need more than one session and this will be discussed in our first consultation. As a Hypnotherapist around Huddersfield, I can help you.

Services offered

Weight Loss / Gastric Band
You’ve tried it all. Diets haven’t worked (and why would they), Websites, forums, adverts and apps only make you feel under pressure, the gym was great for a month but hey! Life commitments take over . . Now what? Who has over £6000-8000 for gastric band surgery?
Hypnotherapy can do it for you. As you doubtless already know, over-eating is emotion based and your subconscious perhaps really isn’t on your side when it comes to simply saying ‘no’ to food. With a Hypnotherapy gastric band we spend a total of 5 sessions addressing all the factors you need to make your gastric procedure a complete success. We will have a full evaluation of the origins of your issues with food, your weight loss history, eating patterns, and you will be provided with information sheets and progress charts. On the 4th session we will arrange a date for the procedure and apply the Hypnotherapy Gastric Band. If you’d like a follow up session to discuss the procedure and your progress this will be half price. You can be assured that you will have complete one to one support and can look forward to new, healthy and slimmer you.
The full procedure is priced at £200 which is an enormous saving on the medical surgery option with no waiting lists and no surgical risk. A saving you can put toward new clothes for your slimmer figure perhaps! However, if you feel a gastric band isn’t what you need just yet we also offer Eat Easy For Life (EEFL). As a Hypnotherapist around Huddersfield, I can help you.

Depression and Anxiety
Depression… Does anyone really understand it until they’ve been there, walked in your shoes, seen each day and the World as a place that seems to be against you? Has a life event triggered the feeling? What about not quite knowing what’s wrong, as in you just can’t explain it, the words never seem to be what you’re trying to express? Sometimes generalised anxiety where you worry about anything and everything can be just the start of what can become a seemingly impenetrable darkness. Don’t let worry and anxiety build, don’t ignore the ‘more days than often’ gradually becoming always. Everyone feels anxious and depressed sometimes, there’s no shame in feeling you can’t cope so call and I can help. I have a working background in adult mental health and with Hypnotherapy and Counselling I can help you out of the pattern of despair and anxiety. The sun still shines and you CAN feel it again, please don’t suffer alone.  As a Hypnotherapist around Huddersfield, I can help you.

Confidence and Self Esteem
We all know that hollowed out feeling of uncontrollable nerves. The saying that ‘Loneliness is a crowded room’. Lack of confidence, not feeling quite good enough and feeling that failure is a constant barrier to your life can be soul-destroying. How can those confident, outgoing people be so different to you? The simple answer is they aren’t. All of us have an inner belief, a confidence which enables us each day to deal with situations and challenges, it’s just that for some people its buried that bit deeper. A combination of Hypnotherapy and REBT can change your life. Sounds dramatic but it’s true. Don’t let your inner fears hold you back any longer. Maybe you’re one of those people who is perfectly confident one on one but backs off if another person joins the group thinking you have nothing to contribute. Maybe you look confident, you speak up for yourself but inside you feel shaky and uncertain? No one can imagine that you aren’t feeling the same inside… Whether it’s driving test nerves, interviews, exams or speaking to a group, I can help – give me a call, I’ve been exactly where you are. Step out and be proud. It’s your next step to becoming your wonderful, unique self. As a Hypnotherapist around Huddersfield, I can help you.