Gastric Band

With the cost of a surgical gastric band being currently in excess of £6,000 it’s not surprising that people requiring this kind of help approach hypnotherapists for the ‘procedure’.  A gastric band process involves convincing the subconscious that a band has been applied and your stomach is now smaller and unable to hold as much food but without surgery, long recovery times and of course a whole lot less expensive.  This is very simply, the essence of what a gastric band does. We will fully discuss the gastric band procedure but I would always suggest that you familiarise yourself with the effects before we commence applying a band, feel free to research what a gastric band does.  Please be aware that this therapy is not a one session fix and will take place over 5 hour long sessions so please ensure you are able to commit to this. In the sessions we will look at your barriers to previous weight loss attempts, you will be required to keep a food diary which we will discuss in session and we will look at your future self as the healthy, slim person you are going to be. Gastric bands are not fitted with the intention of making you ‘thin’ as this is not healthy. If you have an unrealistic or unhealthy view about your weight then this will be addressed too. On the final session your gastric band procedure will be completed and you will go home fully refreshed and ready to start life as a slim, healthy you.