Stop Smoking

According to the largest ever Meta-Analytic research study, comparing 633 studies on smoking cessation techniques, it was found that hypnosis was the most effective way to stop smoking, with the exception of patients with cardiac or pulmonary disease, who basically had to quit or they would die.

Smoking isn’t only a physical addiction. It’s also a psychological one. So perhaps the sense of dread you feel about quitting is because deep down inside you know those nasty little cigarettes serve a purpose for you. Many people use smoking as an opportunity to take a break from work and clear their mind , reduce stress and relieve boredom. In order to break the habit for once and for all, these issues need to be addressed. Because if they aren’t, you will simply find yourself replacing smoking with another potentially unhealthy habit, such as overeating or alcohol.

At Finally Free Therapies, we go above and beyond what other quit smoking programs have to offer. You won’t just quit smoking, we will address all the reasons why you began to smoke in the first place, as well as the psychological factors behind why you continued to smoke. We will work with you to create new and personalised strategies that will allow you to manage stress, as a healthy non-smoker. This will help ensure that you remain smoke free for once and for all.