Stress, Anxiety and Depression

It’s hard to believe but some stress is good for us. It keeps us focused on tasks and helps us stay safe from dangerous situations. However, too much stress and anxiety can actually cause a dangerous situation by affecting our health and well-being. Of course stress and anxiety can be caused by a number of factors from wedding/ exam/ public peaking or driving test nerves and of course these are quicker to be addressed successfully with hypnotherapy which can alleviate them often in one session. However, if your stress and anxiety is further reaching and is affecting your quality of life then you need in-depth and immediate help. Hypnotherapy and Rational Emotive Behaviour therapy can approach your anxiety from an understanding that often you cannot explain the feeling or pinpoint its beginnings, nor can you see an end. It can provide you with coping techniques and self -management exercises to use whilst in therapy. It isn’t hopeless, however you are feeling please get in touch. I can help you.