Do you love me?

Heard of the phrase “Are we having fun yet”? How often have you sat in despair over a relationship which simply drains your energy but you hang on because you ‘love’ that person.

But think about it… A relationship, be it with a partner, friend or even family member should bring joy, contentment and a connection which benefits both parties. A bad relationship can destroy your self esteem and crush you emotionally. Of course all relationships have their ups and downs but the ability to work through the hard times is based on the connection you have through the good times. It’s hard, sometimes almost impossible to have that clarity of mind to see that there is no fun, no joy, no mutual benefit in a relationship. That you are the only one giving, and all you receive in return is anxiety and emotional turmoil. If you worry about your relationship on a regular basis you need to reassess where it’s going and how it’s affecting you. R.E.B.T (Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy) can help you see things in perspective.

Love is a VERY powerful emotion and can leave you feeling out of control and completely dependent on a destructive situation. Talk about it and you will see the way forward. After all, everyone deserves to be cared for… I can help.

Value your worth!

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Building confidence Against Workplace Bullies

I was talking to a friend today about an interview he’d had and starting a new job. I remembered how nerve-wracking it is meeting new people as an adult. How joining an established ‘team’ leaves you feeling exposed and vulnerable. It’s great if it works out but I also remember situations in the past when that feeling didn’t go away. Of course we can’t all get on with everyone but what if you feel picked on or maybe a group of people leave you out, talk behind your back, or involve you but make nasty comments under the guise of being friendly…. Make no mistake, this is bullying. While childhood bullying is one of the issues now being addressed more openly, being bullied as an adult is still a sadly taboo subject leaving victims at risk of depression and suicidal thoughts. It can happen at work, your neighborhood, your relationship or even from family members.

Adults feel they should be able to stand up for themselves and often feel ashamed of being bullied but be assured you MUST NOT tolerate such behaviour. No one should feel victimised or made to be afraid by anyone, ever. Talking to someone is the hardest but most positive step you can make toward freeing yourself. You deserve better and to be respected for who you are. Please talk to a friend, family, colleague, and if you can’t, talk to me…

Love who you are


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