America… Everything is big, and therapy is biggest of all. According to research over 50 million people have a therapist they see on average once a month. Maybe they know something we don’t?

Sometimes you just need to vent, or to talk about issues arising on a regular basis that trouble you. Maybe you have something to address that you’ve never even told your nearest and dearest?

Hypnotherapy, Emotional Behaviour Therapy, CBT and a right good natter could be exactly what you’re looking for to make sense and calm out of the maze that is life today. Whatever you do, don’t be alone!

Give me a call and join those who have changed their lives.

Look after yourself


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Student Life

Student life! Well, it’s a lot of reading, a bit of writing, messing about on the computer, loads of parties and a cracking job for life at the end… Isn’t it?

I was a once a degree student at Huddersfield and it wasn’t like that even then. Students tell me of being homesick in a new town, worrying about debt, workload and feeling out of their depth. Some even wonder how they ended up on the roller-coaster of College/University life in the first place. This can be coupled with dealing with a home and family for mature students which adds even more pressure. 

Day to day anxieties about fitting in with your peers and making your parents proud can be crushing if you have noone to talk to. Counselling within the education sector has long waiting lists but you need someone NOW. Here’s where I can help.. 

Practicing Hypnotherapy in Huddersfield, combined with counselling and Emotional Behaviour Therapy I give continuous STUDENT DISCOUNTS. I strongly believe that as a past (and continuing professional development) student it’s hard enough already without being unable to afford the help you need, at the time of your life you may need it most. I will do my best to fit in our meetings around your studies and am open 6 days a week including evenings. 

Reach for the stars is a cliche you’ll probably hear a lot, but if you reach out for help first, you’ll doubtless get there! Give me a call and make your student years the best time of your life. 

Look after yourself

Julia (DHP. Acc. Hyp)
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Tel: 01484 971911