Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Pet

There was a social media post I saw today with an interesting question we maybe don’t think about enough

‘What is a friend’?

In thinking of all the attributes of friendship such as loyalty, makes me laugh, is there when I’m sad, is my companion in happy times, never judges…. I realised I was talking of my animal friends as much as my human ones. I’ve been fortunate enough to have shared my life with horses, dogs, cats, various rodents and even a couple of reptiles and birds and I still think of them all with wonderful memories. 

Society is just waking up to the fact that for many of us, pets ARE family. Sometimes the only family some of us have. We love and care for them and share our highs and lows with our pets, knowing that their love for us is truly unconditional but that the likelihood is we will outlive them and grieve their loss as deeply as that of any other family member. As a Hypnotherapist in Huddersfield I hear many stories of desolation and feelings of emptiness and guilt when a family pet passes away. 

Please don’t suffer the pain of your loss alone. If noone seems to understand then give me a call. Isolated grief can turn into a downward spiral and become life changing. You need to talk through your feelings whatever they are. I never judge regardless of circumstance and a combination of hypnotherapy for pet bereavement and talking about your friend can allow you to grieve as you should, holding your memories close while seeing a future ahead. Our animal family members bring us great joy and allowing yourself to celebrate their life when it ends can be truly comforting, please don’t make it all about pain. Give me a call…. 

Be kind to yourselves

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