Let’s Not Be Strangers

I was listening to the radio today and a song came on from my teenage years called ‘Dance Away’. It has the line ‘Loneliness is a crowded room’. I started thinking about how we all can identify with lines in music when we are feeling something deep within us which troubles us… It can be loneliness, or sadness, heartache or any number of emotional problems. We can’t always put our finger on what it is but you can guarantee someone, sometime has written a song that describes it perfectly.

But what about when the music stops? Counselling and Emotional Behaviour Therapy combined with Hypnotherapy brings an ear, someone to listen and to hear you. We all need to engage with another person who doesn’t just give us a ‘line’ to fit our mood, but who allows us to talk and works with us to resolve the issues we carry.

Of course self-help books and YouTube videos have their place but sometimes you just need to offload to a stranger, but a stranger who is on your side, who is there just for you, to be that other person, that other human being who puts you first. A good therapist should never feel like a stranger…

As a therapist in Huddersfield I will always put YOU first. I will never treat your problems with a one ‘cure’ fits all attitude but will work with you to reach your full potential. Let’s work together to find a happier tune… Give me a call and I can help.

Look after yourself

Julia (DHP. Acc. Hyp)

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