Insomnia Sucks!

How many problems that keep you awake at night are actually practical ones? Did your car break down today? Have a swarm of wasps moved into your loft for the winter? (yikes! Fair enough I’ll give you that one!) But seriously, over 85% of all worry and anxiety is emotional. We FEEL it. It hurts our hearts, it shakes our security and goes around and around in our heads as if it’s searching for an escape, desperately seeking a way out.

If you can’t afford long term counselling but need to work through a solution with real, non judgemental coping strategies why not call for a chat about hypnotherapy. Sometimes only one session is necessary but if you need more time, a combination of counselling, Hypnotherapy and Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy can stop the carousel of life affecting worries from continuing. I’m a Hypnotherapist in Huddersfield, here to listen and help… After all, in giving me a call you have nothing to lose and peace of mind to gain.

Be kind to yourself
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What About The Guys?

Social media is a strange and often biased place to be. Every day there is a new post asking us to like and share if we have an awesome Mum, Sister, Daughter or Grandma. Posts asking us to like and share the Mums who go above and beyond for their children. We share about the concerns, abuses and unfairness toward women and we celebrate the rights of women to be free-spirited and be valued.

BUT, what about the guys? The men who suffer, who are sidelined in a society which simply assumes they’re all OK, that life as a man is somehow privileged and devoid of worry. Well men DO worry. They worry about health or becoming a new Dad, they worry about work and relationships. They worry about retirement and feeling undervalued. And they cry… Often silently and alone, feeling they can’t reach out because society says they shouldn’t need to. I mean after all, men are tough aren’t they?

A man often has concerns unique to him such as vasectomy worries, baldness and self-esteem, maybe being the breadwinner as a single Father or if Mum is taking care of the children…and he feels ‘less of a man’ if he expresses these worries aloud.

If this is you, I can help. Men matter and at Finally Free Therapies NO problem is a problem, you can talk in a friendly space knowing there is help ready and waiting.

I’m a Hypnotherapist in Huddersfield. Guys, call for me for a chat about what matters to YOU.

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