Outside The Box

Looking back at this last week, month, year or lifetime, how many times have you truly shown people who you are inside? I think we all carefully protect our real selves on a daily basis. It’s fine! We didn’t always do it, we learned by experience that complete openness can leave us vulnerable. As we grow we do it to find our way through life with as little stress as possible, to lessen the risk of disappointment and disillusionment … BUT, if that natural and learned ‘protection’ has mentally built a cage you can’t leave, then it’s stopping you getting the most out of life.

Trust and openness takes years to build and seconds to destroy, Perceived betrayals by friends, family, colleagues and sometimes just your own expectations of how life should be, can hold you back from enjoying your full potential.

But, could it be that reaching out isn’t such an impossible task? What if you’ve locked your ‘cage’ so firmly that no one is reaching YOU? And what if we open the door again? Don’t let fear keep it closed.

A combination of Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy and Hypnotherapy can open that door and set you free again. Beginning with small steps until you finally say ‘Hey World, this is me and I’m ready to be myself’! Give me a call and we’ll break down those bars for good, with confidence!

Stay safe and warm

Julia (Dip. Acc. Hyp)

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